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05.03.2024.- Release 5.4.0

Briefing with new workflows and much more...

  • Flight plan with map preview — Visualisation of the flight route on the map
  • Flight plan associated messages — new processing logic for arrival messages and updated status display
  • VFReBulletin and WebAUP — Workflow customisation for easier handling on mobile devices and greater clarity.
  • Information on Freeroute Airspace is now available in the AIS portal
  • Performance improvement for users who submit a large number of flight plans

In addition to general bug fixes, JavaScript libraries and databases have also been updated with this release.

18.04.2023.- Release 5.3.0

Flight plan management

In Release 5.3, we have expanded the interface and now offer you a new user-friendly page to submit flight plans and flight-plan-associated messages

Your benefits:

  • after logging in, you will already see your next upcoming flight plan with status and slot information, if available
  • in the dashboard, you can find a clear display of all your submitted flight plans with the current status
  • depending on the status, you can delay or cancel your flight plan as well as generate departure and arrival messages
  • in the archive, you can access all the operations that are no longer current; you can access your flight plans for up to three years
  • a new flight plan can be prepared on the basis of an existing one from the dashboard or the archive. In this case, certain contents are transferred and can be modified where necessary
  • the option of being notified by e-mail or text message (SMS) remains unchanged for the time being
  • your own flight plan templates and the ability to send flight-plan-associated messages for flight plans of others are still available

Additionally we have fixed some bugs and made some updates.

12.07.2022.- Release 5.2.0

eNOTAM management

With Release 5.2 we have extended the interface in the area of eNOTAM and thus offer you from now on a new comfortable page for the task of eNOTAM.

Your advantages:

  • Clear display of all submitted eNOTAM with current status
  • The overview contains your own eNOTAM and those of colleagues from your company/organization (if available)
  • Depending on the status, you can create follow-up messages NOTAM replacement, NOTAM cancellation
  • A new eNOTAM can be created on the basis of an eNOTAM from your list NOTAM create from. In this case, particular contents are taken over and can be modified where necessary
  • For all operations, additional confirmations are sent by e-mail after publication by the NOTAM office
  • In case of an EST-NOTAM, an e-mail is sent 12 hours before the estimated end date — You can react then and cancel or replace the NOTAM
  • In the archive section you will find all operations that are no longer current &mdsh; here you can find your eNOTAM for up to 5 years
  • The own eNOTAM templates and the old forms for NOTAM N, NOTAM R and NOTAM C are still available

In addition, minor bugs have been fixed and updates have been made.

18.01.2022.- Release 5.1.0

Improved handling by revised forms

  • NOTAM briefing: The FIR specification required for a route briefing is now set by the system to avoid accidental retrieval of an aerodrome briefing. If you specifically require an AD briefing, please check Aerodrome briefing only.
  • Flight plan: Display of help texts and route suggestions, as well as check routines and error handling have been revised.
  • eNOTAM: Improvement of the check routine in item A, for item B and item C SR/SS are now also accepted as time.
  • PJE, child balloon, drone forms: when moving ascent location, or jump zone on the map, the coordinate is now displayed.
  • Information: In the FAQ list there are general notes on using the AIS portal and a link to NOTAM abbreviations.

Additionally, maps and databases (aircraft types) have been updated.

15.06.2021.- Release 5.0.0

Favorites for quick access and integration BNL templates

  • After log-in, you can now customise your favourites on the start page to reach your destination in the AIS-Portal even faster:

    The icon at the top right of the blue bar starts the edit mode, where you can click to remove tiles you do not need and add others. Finish editing the start page by pressing finish.

  • The forms for requesting projects under BNL — Special Use of Airspace have been updated and are now stored directly in the AIS-Portal. There is no need to log in separately for this area. This concerns:
    • The release of toy balloons and sky lanterns
    • Drone flights
    • Photo flights and parachute jump operations
  • System stabilisation and general troubleshooting.
04.02.2021.- Release

Bug fixing flight-plan-associated message / eNOTAM

  • ARR messages: Error in field EOBT fixed
  • Flight plan sequence messages (ARR/DEP/DLA/CNL): Transfer of callsign from template
  • eNOTAM form: Date/Time Picker updated
26.01.2021.- Release

Flight plan templates

  • Access all your saved flight plan templates from the flight plan form
  • Create up-to-date flight plans quickly and securely with the prepared templates
  • You can create, edit and delete templates and use them as a basis for new templates with the copy function.
  • Use the Daedalus route proposal already in the templates and/or validate your plan via IFPUV
  • Share your flight plan templates with your colleagues

Attention: After migrating the FPL templates from the Classic version to the new environment, no data reconciliation will take place. We recommend that you start working exclusively with the new AIS-Portal as soon as possible, even if the Classic version of the AIS-Portal remains accessible for a short time.

17.11.2020.- Release

Aeronautical Information Publication Germany available online

  • From now on you have access to the Aeronautical Information Publication Germany IFR including AIC and SUP. Furthermore, the VFR AIC/SUP are linked.
  • You can now log in again with your username or e-mail address.
  • The field Endurance has been moved to the second page of the flight plan form — next to Total EET — for better comprehensibility.

In parallel we continue to work on the implementation of the flight plan templates. For this we ask for some more patience. Until completion you can still access the >Classic version of the AIS-Portal.

06.10.2020.- Release 4.3.0

Welcome to the new AIS-Portal

With this Release we are converting all forms to a responsive web design, delivering better usability on mobile devices. Customers had frequently expressed a need for such responsiveness.


To log in, you only need your e-mail address and password. The username is no longer needed as this improves usability on mobile devices.

Add aircraft and share them with other users

The core of the new AIS-Portal is the aircraft database. Here you can add, manage and share your aircraft with other users, or use the shared aircraft of other users for your flight preparation.

Before you can submit your first flight plan, you must add the aircraft. All data relevant to the aircraft are stored in your profile and transferred to the FPL form. In the Profile section, other preferences can be pre-set, such as [Flight rule=VFR] for pilots who do not have an IFR licence.

Flight plan

The most significant change is in the flight plan form. The input mask has been redesigned and restructured to reduce complexity. We applied the principle of mobile first to make inputting a flight plan on a mobile phone and tablet work as smoothly as possible. You can still use your PC to enter flight plans.

After you have selected your aircraft, click through the four steps of the flight plan mask, complete the data for the current flight plan, and change preassigned fields where necessary.

Under Route Suggestions you can find previously used routes. For flights with an IFR portion, you can also find the Route Proposals from Eurocontrol's Network Manager (NM).

As usual, you will receive the confirmation as soon as the flight plan has been processed in the AIS-C or accepted by the IFPS.

PIB requests / VFReBulletin

In the briefing forms, the selection of the aircraft is optional.

In the NOTAM briefing, there is no chart to select the FIRs for technical reasons. When writing, the FIR assistant opens with suggestions from which you can choose.

FIRs and ADs are now available worldwide — in the VFReBulletin the restriction to Germany + neighbouring countries has been removed.

Please take a look at our

24.09.2019.- Release 4.2.0

Booking situation for restricted areas

  • WebAUP — Chart overview of the booking situation for restricted areas
  • PIB queries / VFReBulletin retrievals can now be filtered for a specific date

Additionally, bugs were fixed and the B2B interface was updated to NM Rel. 23.0.

07.05.2019.- Release 4.1.0

New online forms

  • Request for ascent of drones (from 27.06.2019)
  • STS/ATFMX - Notification of flight plansi excluded from traffic flow control measures (from 23.05.2019)
  • Application for parachute jump project (from 27.06.2019)

In addition, the accidental deletion of templates is prevented and errors have been fixed.

20.03.2019.- Release 4.0.0

New technical infrastructure

With this Release the technical infrastructure and system stability has been improved.

13.11.2018.- Release 3.10.0

Publication of NOTAM

With this Release the AIS-Portal gains a new group of customers as users: Selected publishers of NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) can apply for the publication of NOTAM in the Publishing area during a test phase.

It is expected that this method will be available to all NOTAM publishers from spring 2019.

As publisher, please send us a short message to and we will activate your AIS-Portal account for NOTAM publication as soon as possible.

In addition, the use of the Location Indicator Assistant and the system response to incorrect entries in the fields where ICAO codes are required have been improved in this release.

Release Notes