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Release Notes

Aeronautical Information Publication Germany available online

Update 17.11.2020.- Release contains the following new features:

  • From now on you have access to the Aeronautical Information Publication Germany IFR including AIC and SUP. Furthermore, the VFR AIC/SUP are linked.
  • You can now log in again with your username or e-mail address.
  • The field Endurance has been moved to the second page of the flight plan form — next to Total EET — for better comprehensibility.

In parallel we continue to work on the implementation of the flight plan templates. For this we ask for some more patience. Until completion you can still access the Classic version of the AIS portal.

Welcome to the new AIS-Portal

Update 06.10.2019.- With Release 4.3.0, we are converting all forms to a responsive web design, delivering better usability on mobile devices. Customers had frequently expressed a need for such responsiveness. (The BNL-Portal for the special use of airspace will follow in 2021).

Please take a look at our short explanatory videos.


To log in, you only need your e-mail address and password. The username is no longer needed as this improves usability on mobile devices.

Add aircraft and share them with other users

The core of the new AIS portal is the aircraft database. Here you can add, manage and share your aircraft with other users, or use the shared aircraft of other users for your flight preparation.

Before you can submit your first flight plan, you must add the aircraft. All data relevant to the aircraft are stored in your profile and transferred to the FPL form. In the Profile section, other preferences can be pre-set, such as [Flight rule=VFR] for pilots who do not have an IFR licence.

Flight plan

The most significant change is in the flight plan form. The input mask has been redesigned and restructured to reduce complexity. We applied the principle of mobile first to make inputting a flight plan on a mobile phone and tablet work as smoothly as possible. You can still use your PC to enter flight plans. (Recommended browsers: The latest version of Microsoft Edge Chromium, Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox.)

After you have selected your aircraft, click through the four steps of the flight plan mask, complete the data for the current flight plan, and change preassigned fields where necessary.

Under Route Suggestions you can find previously used routes. For flights with an IFR portion, you can also find the Route Proposals from Eurocontrol's Network Manager (NM).

As usual, you will receive the confirmation as soon as the flight plan has been processed in the AIS-C or accepted by the IFPS.

PIB requests / VFReBulletin

In the briefing forms, the selection of the aircraft is optional.

In the NOTAM briefing, there is no chart to select the FIRs for technical reasons. When writing, the FIR assistant opens with suggestions from which you can choose.

FIRs and ADs are now available worldwide — in the VFReBulletin the restriction to Germany + neighbouring countries has been removed.

Booking situation for restricted areas

Update 24.09.2019.- Release 4.2.0 contains the following new features:

  • WebAUP — Chart overview of the booking situation for restricted areas
  • PIB queries / VFReBulletin retrievals can now be filtered for a specific date

Additionally, bugs were fixed and the B2B interface was updated to NM Rel. 23.0.

New online forms

Update 07.05.2019.- Release 4.1.0 contains the following new online forms:

  • Request for ascent of drones (from 27.06.2019)
  • STS/ATFMX - Notification of flight plans excluded from traffic flow control measures (from 23.05.2019)
  • Application for parachute jump project (from 27.06.2019)

In addition, the accidental deletion of templates is prevented and errors have been fixed.

New technical infrastructure

Update: 20.03.2019.- With Release 4.0.0, the technical infrastructure and system stability has been improved.

Publication of NOTAM

Update 13.11.2018.- With Release 3.10.0, the AIS-Portal gains a new group of customers as users: Selected publishers of NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) can apply for the publication of NOTAM in the Publishing area during a test phase.

It is expected that this method will be available to all NOTAM publishers from spring 2019.

As publisher, please send us a short message to and we will activate your AIS-Portal account for NOTAM publication as soon as possible.

In addition, the use of the Location Indicator Assistant and the system response to incorrect entries in the fields where ICAO codes are required have been improved in this release.

Changes in details

Update 14 May 2018.- With Release 3.9.0 we have raised the framework for map presentation to the current state of the art. This is the basis for further improvements in the area of interactive map-assisted flight preparation.

  • The route corridor is already visible in light blue in the VFReBulletin and you can have the map displayed in full screen mode with a mouse click:

  • In addition, you, as an AIS-Portal registered customer, can submit applications for photo-flight projects here in the portal for Special Use of Airspace (BNL Portal). For this you only need an activation, which you can request by e-mail (

New help function Aircraft type and changes in flightplan associated messages.

Update 26.09.2017.- With the release 3.8.0, a list of aircraft types is displayed in the flight plan form from which you can select a valid value. In addition to delay- (DLA) and cancellation-messages (CNL), start- (DEP) and arrival-messages (ARR) can now also be placed via the AIS-Portal. Change messages (CHG) can only be transmitted by telephone. Measures to improve system stability and safety have also been implemented.

Conversion of the data base

Update: 2 March 2017.- With the release 3.7.0, the AIS-Portal is provided with extended static data, which improves the data quality especially at the airfields without ICAO location indicator. NOTAM briefing requests are now also possible for those airfields.

Release of toy balloons and sky lanterns

Update: 15 November 2016.- With the launch of the AIS-Portal Release 3.6.0, we include new forms as part of air sports and leisure activities. We use this to improve and optimize the processing of these applications to respond your queries faster.

Changes in details

Update: 11 October 2016.- Release 3.5.1 contains improvements of the workflow request password and system stability and security enhancements.

Personal Briefing

Update: 19 April 2016.- With the launch of the AIS-Portal Release 3.5.0, personal briefing will be introduced.

We all know what it's like: As a result of the great number of NOTAMs, the Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIB) have become long and some­what confusing despite the filter options in the entry mask. To facilitate your pre-flight planning we have developed what we are calling personal briefing.

  • You will retrieve your NOTAM Briefing / VFReBulletin from the AIS-Portal as usual.

    While reading the NOTAMs on the screen, you decide which of them you need in the cockpit. By clicking on the NOTAM's heading, you can hide the contents of those NOTAMs you have already read or which are irrelevant for your intended flight. By choosing to hide the details, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the contents of the NOTAM. The heading and the NOTAM number will still be displayed.

    The user settings will be saved; the reduced view will apply to all future PIB retrievals, not only on the screen but also in the pdf file.

    By clicking again on the NOTAM's heading or after 30 days without retrieving a PIB, the full NOTAM text will be displayed again.

    From now on, you can decide which NOTAMs will be displayed in whole in your briefing.

  • In addition, Release 3.5.0 contains general bug fixes and improvements of system stability and security.

Changes in details

Update: 1 December 2015.- AIS-Portal Release 3.4.0 contains the following improvements:

  • Due to a system change, all ACK, status and ATFCM messages will be sent from the address with effect from 17 November 2015.
  • ACK or status messages for flight-plan-associated messages (CHG, DLA, CNL) can no longer be requested separately by means of a request form. The system will send them automatically to the originator of the original flight plan.
  • Under NOTAM briefing, you can now also produce aerodrome- and route-type PIBs for flight rules IFR and VFR (IV).
  • In addition, Release 3.4.0 includes general troubleshooting and measures to improve the system stability.

VFReBulletin now available for neighbouring FIRs!

Update: 9 June 2015.- AIS-Portal Release 3.3.0 contains the following improvements:

  • Just in time for the summer flying season, we have expanded the VFReBulletin to include all FIRs neighbouring Germany.

    That means: You can have tailor-made VFR flight preparation that goes beyond the national borders of Germany.

Additionally, this version contains:

  • All briefings found under NOTAM retrieval and VFReBulletin can now be downloaded and printed out as a PDF and thus are available offline as well.
  • We have changed the pre-flight information bulletin (PIB) slightly to improve the readability and navigation.
  • In all forms, an auto-complete function will assist you when selecting the correct location indicators for the departure, destination and alternate aerodrome as well as FIRs.
  • The delete function in the template overview now makes it easier to delete out-of-date templates for the retrieval of flight plans and PIBs.
  • If needed, up to nine STAYINFO fields can be generated in the flight plan.

Changes in details

Update: 16.09.2014.- AIS-Portal Release 3.2.0 contains the following improvements:

  • For NOTAM briefing the 90-day filter was previously set as default. Now you can choose if you set a 90-day, 30-day or no time filter for your PIB.
  • The start page has been slightly redesigned: You now see more of the latest news from the VFR or IFR Customer Area.
  • In addition, Release 3.2.0 includes general troubleshooting and measures to improve the system stability.

VFReBulletin with new features!

Update: 26.11.2013.- We are happy to present the following new features in the AIS-Portal Release 3.1.0:

Calculation of heading and distance:

  • Route point information: When you click on a departure or destination aerodrome or a route point, you will s ee the coordinates as well as the heading and the distance to the next point of your route
  • Route information: When you click on your route, all the route information is clearly arranged in a table
  • Summary: The table with all of the route information can also be found in the tab TC/Distance

Saving PIB retrievals with charts:

You can save the routes you use frequently, allowing you to quickly and easily call up an up-to-date briefing for them. What is new now is that the settings of the chart selected (e.g. ICAO 1:500 000) are saved with other data so that it is immediately opened again when the saved route is called up again.

Additionally, this version contains:

  • an upgrade of the flight plan validation/route catalogue to Eurocontrol NM Release 17
  • new links, e.g. to the bird migration forecast of the German Birdstrike Committee (DAVVL e.V.) and the customer pages of DFS
  • measures to improve system stability
  • general error correction

VFReBulletin with a new look and style!

Update: 25.06.2013.- From now on we present the new VFReBulletin with a new look and in a new style in the AIS-Portal.

Of course, the VFReBulletin will continue to provide you with Narrow Route type Pre-Flight Information Bulletins for flights under VFR within Germany, Austria and Switzerland in accordance with Art. (§) 3a of the German Aviation Regulation (LuftVO). You can also still display the route with the associated NOTAM on a selection of charts and maps.

We are now pleased to be able to make the following additional features available to you, many of which are a direct result of your feedback:

Customised briefing:

You can determine which NOTAM are shown in your briefing. This means, for example:

  • You can deselect particular topic areas with a mouse click so only the information that is important to you is shown in your briefing. This will improve the clarity of the information presented.
  • You can select the width of the NOTAM corridor (10 NM, 20 NM, 50 NM).
  • Useful telephone numbers and up-to-date information, such as on bird migration, can be integrated into the briefing if you wish.
  • You can also restrict the time period covered by setting a filter. Then you will only receive the NOTAM that come into effect in the next 24 hours and that came into effect in the last 90 (30) days.

Easier to use:

Simplified selection of departure and destination aerodromes and improved entry of route points thanks to the easy-to-use auto-complete function.

Always up-to-date:

Your VFR briefing is compiled directly from the NOTAM database of the AIS-C without delay.


The new VFReBulletin is also available in English. This means we will be able to offer the VFReBulletin for other countries in the future, too.

For technical reasons, briefings in the German language will only be available in the future for flights that are conducted completely in Germany.

Your favourites:

You can save the routes you fly most frequently under a name of your choosing, allowing you to quickly and efficiently call up an up-to-date briefing for your favourite routes.

This is made possible thanks to your personal login in the AIS-Portal. We cordially invite you to register free of charge at today if you are not yet a registered customer. Then you will also be able to use all other functionalities offered, such as for convenient flight plan filing.

Preview window, IFPUV-Check and more

Update: 13.03.2012.- In order to optimise the workflow for submitting a FPL via the AIS-Portal, the following improvements had been realised:

The new preview window allows you to check and, if necessary, correct the information in the flight plan or flight-plan-associated message form before sending them to the AIS Centre. The workflow is the same for VFR and IFR flight plans as well as flight-plan-associated messages.

By clicking on the button >>continue at the end of the entry window, an automatic check at IFPS (IFPUV check) will be made for flight plans with an IFR portion. This means there is no longer a need for the check button.

In the preview window, you can see the flight plan or flight-plan-associated message entered, any answer from the IFPUV check and the required message details (PIB, status, ATFCM).

If necessary, you can click on back to return to the form, to make any corrections. If everything is correct, after pressing send the message will be sent to the AIS Centre as usual. The send confirmation shown will continue to be sent to you by e-mail as well.

As a result of multiple customer requests, RVR/ will become part of the standard item 18, i.e. to enter the runway visual range the extended other information no longer needs to be opened.

As the equipment V - VHF RTF, O - VOR and/or L - ILS is already contained in the standard equipment S, the simultaneous entry of these in item 10a is not allowed and an error message will appear.

If you have any questions or if we should adjust item 10 "Equipment" of your saved flight plans, please contact the AIS-C at +49 (0)69 78072500 or

Release Notes